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Small town, beaches, tourists and setting sun

I am too bad judge for my own images, I can't find the best ones. I have several hundred images which have already survived from the first deletion procedure which I did already in Venice. Now I still have too many..
These has been taken in two days.

This was easily the best tiramisu I have ever tasted.

 Couple shots from a small town of Mallamocco. This main street had really authentic Italian buildings. Not much tourists or anything else.

I am still suprised how easy these kind of pictures are with V1.

 The tourist hell.

This shot was taken in the middle of the day. I first had a 40.5-52 step-up ring, 52mm ND8 filter, 52-77 step-up ring and 77mm ND400 filter. ISO 100, F14, 30s.

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Venice - trying to do something different

I just returned from a trip to Venice. It is one of the most photographed cities in the world so I didn't take much stress on photographing the biggest tourist attractions. I did take some 500 pictures when experimenting and reheasing with the camera and some 500 other pictures.

I will continue posting these Venice pictures while going them through in following days and writing some opinions about the camera.

 A pocketable 80-300mm (equiv.) telezoom is a blessing for a landscape shooter. I didn't miss at all Nikon's 70-200 or 70-300 telezooms. Color rendition is on par with those much bigger lenses and the longer end is much better than in 70-300 VR. I'm sold with this lens.

 This picture is a good example where I found camera's "Smart photo selector" to be a very good feature. Human reaction is too slow when man fells down from a surfing board, but when Smart photo selector is used the camera has a buffer going before pushing the shutter release. When trying to shoot falling surfers. In 90% cases I got a better picture from the buffer before I pushed the shutter release than the image which was recorded after.

 Working with ND-filters is not as easy as with D800. In D800 you can push easily 7-8 stops more light in liveview, but with V1 it's not that easy or I haven't found the right way. In direct sunlight V1 was sometimes able to focus, but mostly I focused without a filter and then put the camera on MF and screwed the filter on.
I was shooting on the beaches in the middle of the day so my Hoya ND400 filter was not even enough every time. I have 77mm version which I used with step-up rings, so there wasn't much vignetting problem like with full frame lenses. ( Later I did put ND400 + ND8 filters together. I will post that picture later )

Try to get this kind of photo with some m4/3 body ;)
I took 3 shots and 2 were right on focus.

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perjantai 7. syyskuuta 2012

Only with a small camera

The first time I left my Nikon D800 at home and went shooting only with V1 and my small Manfrotto tripod.

One after work shot

I hiked on a hill to test how this camera performs in the dark.

 And finally one shot from the city.

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