lauantai 29. maaliskuuta 2014

Tampere with setting sun

Just had a little evening walk with V1 and 10-100 VR.I didn't had tripod with me so stabilizing the camera was really difficult with 15s shutter speed. Only one out of five of images was succesful.

This is from yesterdays walk. This time with V1 + 18.5mm. 18.5mm lens is better for images with bright lightsources. 10-100 VR has some really annoying lens flares in certain situtations.

keskiviikko 19. maaliskuuta 2014

Q1 / 2014 with Nikon 1 gear

Nikon V3 was finally introduced! With really intresting 70-300mm zoom lens. I am sure to be testing those as soon as they come to my local store. No doubt the V3 is really intresting. Mostly the tilting screen and better AF. More megapixels won't hurt either.

Last three months I have been focused on shooting normal life around me. No planned photography trips anywhere, just shooting when there is something to shoot. Basicly I have had one kit with me all the time. Nikon V1 + 10-100mm zoom lens. Even when we have couple weeks of -15C temperatures that kit was sitting in my car all the time without any problems with battery. One thing I noticed that EVF is really laggy when the camera is frozen. But that's about it.

Here are couple snapshots from this year. With Nikon V1 + 10-100mm.