keskiviikko 27. maaliskuuta 2013

Vacation finally, landscapes and birds

I finally started my winter vacation. I was on a cross-country skiing trip for couple days and today I managed to take some time to walk to a nearby lake.

I think it will take some time to process all those >500 images from that trip. I carried my J1+10mm everywhere so most of the images where taken with it. V1+30-110 was in the backpack. I had D800 with me, but I used it only couple times when I was taking images in the night.
Anyway, V1 can do night photography too. How many times have you been able to shoot the scenery without blowing out the highlights of the full moon?
This was taken with V1+FT-1+70-200/4 VR from the trail of a nearby lake.

perjantai 22. maaliskuuta 2013

Nikon 1 cameras for casual shooting

This year I really have been taking my cameras everywhere and noticed some things. I have 1988 images saved and I think some 2000 images has been deleted.
J1: 363 images, V1: 536 images, D800: 1077 images. 50% of the D800  images were taken in one event and I haven't deleted any images from that day. From those images I have rated as good photographs total of 235 images. J1: 30, V1: 96, D800: 109.

Basicly I have stopped using D800 for shooting every day life. V1 and J1 are doing it well enough and with much less weight. Eventually the results are often better with small camera than with big camera. 

But I won't give up with D800. There are still things what I can't shoot well enough with small cameras. Mostly night photography and high resolution landscapes. When I go somewhere only for shooting images I still take D800 with some heavy landscape lenses with me. To shoot something what I have in

keskiviikko 20. maaliskuuta 2013

Nikon J1 in da club

Today I was listening a band named Eppu Normaali in a club in Tampere. Of course I had to test if it's possible to take technically good pictures in a dark club with my red Nikon J1. I bet all the girls were jealous of my cute little red camera ;)

Here is one shot which I quickly exported before going to bed. I only took three fast bursts to see if J1 was up to it, so there isn't much material. Rest of the time I just enjoyed the gig.

I think the image quality is enough for web. What you think?

maanantai 4. maaliskuuta 2013

Easy bird shooting on Sunday

I was visiting my parents last weekend and they had a lot of birds searching for food. It was -15C so they didn't mind about a photographer at all :)

I was shooting with V1+FT-1+70-200/4 VR. It was still mostly cloudy day, but good enough. ISO range was between 200-560, but I had to keep the shutter speed little bit too slow ( 1/400s ). DOF could have been wider, but I didn't have enough light for that.

perjantai 1. maaliskuuta 2013

Lauttasaari, Helsinki

I was on a overnight visit in Helsinki and had couple hours available to shoot the setting sun. Clouds were not cooperative so most of the shooting was done after sunset. I really was missing UW-lens, because specially at night a UW-lens is really nice for shooting landscapes.
Anyway, I had the 10-30 VR with me so here are couple best ones from that night.