perjantai 22. maaliskuuta 2013

Nikon 1 cameras for casual shooting

This year I really have been taking my cameras everywhere and noticed some things. I have 1988 images saved and I think some 2000 images has been deleted.
J1: 363 images, V1: 536 images, D800: 1077 images. 50% of the D800  images were taken in one event and I haven't deleted any images from that day. From those images I have rated as good photographs total of 235 images. J1: 30, V1: 96, D800: 109.

Basicly I have stopped using D800 for shooting every day life. V1 and J1 are doing it well enough and with much less weight. Eventually the results are often better with small camera than with big camera. 

But I won't give up with D800. There are still things what I can't shoot well enough with small cameras. Mostly night photography and high resolution landscapes. When I go somewhere only for shooting images I still take D800 with some heavy landscape lenses with me. To shoot something what I have in

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