keskiviikko 17. huhtikuuta 2013

Does Nikon V1 fit for bird photography? Part 1.

Now when the spring is finally coming here in Finland the birds are also. Migration is about two weeks overdue.
Today I photographed this years first Curlews and yesterday I saw first Crane.

There isn't much places to photograph birds, because most of the lakes are frozen. Anyway there are some areas where ice has melted and I was visiting there shortly today. I didn't have enough clothing to stand incoming storm so I was there only something like half an hour. With V1 I shot only ten minutes before the storm came.

With FT-1+70-200/4 VR the AF-C doesn't work, so I have to rely on AF-S. That is mostly awful setting for photographing flying birds and autofocus also hunts if the bird is too far away. Not shooting birds too far away isn't a real problem. Those images are anyway images which I delete, because the bird is too small in the picture. Dealing with only AF-S the shooting has to be precise and fast. After the camera has acquired focus you have to push the shutter button before the bird flies out of the focus area.

I didn't have my 30-110 VR with me so I have only images taken with 70-200/4 VR. S-mode, Auto-ISO 3200. There wasn't much light so images are grainyeven tough I tried to keep the shutter speed as long as possible. It was mostly something like 1/500s. ( I should have used the M-mode with f4 aperture because V1 doesn't set full aperture often enough.

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